Conference Venue

IQIS2022 will be held in Palermo, the capital of Sicily, one of the biggest cities in Italy, and a top tourist destination in Italy. Palermo is the main site of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Arab-Norman Palermo and the Cathedral Churches of Cefalù and Monreale.

The conference venue of the 1st day is “Palazzo Chiaramonte-Steri”, which is located on a corner of “piazza Marina”. Piazza Marina is a big square lying almost at the end (when going toward the sea) of “via Vittorio Emanuele”, one of the main streets of the city center. As you trespass the main entrance of Palazzo Chiaramonte-Steri (see arrow in the attached picture) turn left, enter the building and reach “Sala Magna” on the last floor, which will be the conference room for the 1st day.

The conference venue of the 2nd and all of the remaining days is  “Edificio 18”, which is located within the university main campus (note that, unlike Palazzo Steri, this is not in the hystorical city center). To reach the campus, the best option is going to the Palermo central station (“Palermo Centrale”) and take the city train (“metropolitana” or “metro”) “linea A” having the Falcone-Borsellino airport (Punta Raisi) as final destination (the platform is usually on the rightmost side of the the station if you enter through the main entrance from piazza Giulio Cesare).

Timetables can be found at this link 
and (to return):
You can get the tickets in one of the many “Trenitalia” ticket machines or in the newsstand/tabacchi shop inside the station.

Get off the train at “Palazzo Reale-Orléans” (3rd stop). As you exit the metro station, turn right and almost immediately enter the university campus. Edificio 18 lies on just the opposite side of the campus (see attached map), which you can walk to in about 20 mins: just keep going straight (blue line in the picture) until you reach the very last building (see attached picture). 

Note 1: on your way, you will pass by Edificio 19 which despite its name is not that near Edificio 18.
Note 2: at some point, you will see a building in front of you (kindergarten): just bypass it on the right side and, after climbing some stairs, keep walking straight ahead.
Note 3: from 7:00 to 15:00 there is a university mini-bus departingnext to the metro station; unfortunately however its capacity is limited, hence during conference “peak times” most of you will have to walk (..sorry this is beyond our control).
Note 4: If you like walking, you can avoid the metro trip and reach Palazzo Reale-Orléans on foot along “corso Tukory”, in which case the overall walk time to Edificio 18 is about 35-40 mins (it takes about 15-20 mins to go from Palermo Centrale to Palazzo Reale-Orléans).

How to reach Palermo

The best way to reach the city is to fly to the Palermo International Airport “Falcone e Borsellino”. To reach the city from the airport there is a bus service run by “Prestia & Comandè” (one departure each half an hour; last stop: Railway Central Station (“Palermo Centrale”)). Alternatively, you can take the train to Palermo Centrale (located on the boundary of the historical city center).

There are also daily ferries to Palermo from cities such as Naples and Genoa.


We recommend booking one of the several available B&Bs/Hotels in or nearby the historic city center, and especially in the area next to Palermo Centrale (Piazza Giulio Cesare).

How to reach the conference venue from Palermo Centrale

The first day of the conference will be hosted in Palazzo Steri, which is a 15 min walk from Palermo Centrale.

To reach Edificio 18, which will be the conference venue all days but the first one, the best option is taking the train (“metropolitana”) from Palermo Centrale, get off at “Palazzo Reale-Orléans”, enter the university campus (on the right of the station gate) and then either walk to Edificio 16 (it takes about 15 min) or wait for the university bus service.

Some restaurants in the city center:

  • Trattoria Ferro di Cavallo (usually very crowded; they do not accept reservations) €
  • Trattoria Rosanero (same comments as above) €
  • Focacceria San Francesco (longstanding place) €€
  • Franco ‘u Vastiddaru (quite an informal place; speciality: street food) €
  • Pizzeria Italia (good pizza place, but they serve other food as well) €
  • Ciccio Passami l’Olio (good pizza place, but they serve other food as well) €
  • Grillo Pizza & Burger (good pizza place) €
  • Trattoria Mangia e Bevi €€
  • Il Mirto e la Rosa €€

Always check opening days before going, as some places are not open every day.

This is not a comprehensive list. There are of course lots of other very good places.